About us


GRIE is a monobrand of leather Sacvoyage. So we are in love with a Sacvoyageand for over four years. We have focused on the production of only this old model. GRIE is a monobrand, but we have taken care of a wide selection: you will find travel, business, casual, and even evening Sacvoyages. They are in different sizes, colors and materials. You will be surprised how interesting a classical one can be!
But all our sacvoyages are united by a single philosophy: GRIE are smart Sacvoyages that are not subject to fashion and time.
You can be sure that sacvoyages will not go out of fashion next season, as they have not gone out for more than 200 years. And we will provide the highest quality and service to your GRIE Sacvoyage at all times after your purchase it. And we will definitely provide a 12-month warranty.
In addition to the available sacvoyages, we also accept individual orders. Additionally, you can choose size and color, decor, and even the color of the lining – we will meet any of your whims! The experience we have gained working with leather allows us perfectly do these things, at the highest level that is not inferior to the work of Italian masters.
For GRIE manufacturing, we use meticulously selected materials from around the world. Sacvoyages’ locks, for example, come to us from the United States, and branded metal frames are made according to our drawings in Lviv.
I hope you enjoy GRIE – we put all our love and skills into every Sacvoyage that comes out. And it fills our lives with meaning.


Hi! My name is Alice Grishaeva, I am the founder of GRIE. I was born in 1990 in the city of Chernihiv, north of Ukraine.
I grew up in a creative atmosphere. My mother had her clothes sewing workshop, and for as long as I can remember, she designed and sewed extremely cool clothes all the time. Even so, owning one was yet beyond my imagination. But fate decreed that once I took the leather in my hands and I fell in love with it.
I cut the first piece of leather on a piece of the wooden board, which I found in the street and brought home. The tools, I had was only one punch, an ordinary stationery knife, and a kitchen hammer. I knew almost nothing about working with leather and learned it through my own practice, sometimes watching videos on YouTube. Having worked with varying success but constantly I came to the point when I was ready to create something very special. This is how the GRIE brand was born. By the way, the brand name is the first three letters of my last name.
Alisa GRIE


I was disappointed with how things are done when quality and client’s expectations are neglected in our Ukrainian fashion industry.  I promised to make sacvoyages as high quality as possible. I started this project with my mother who was my like-minded person. 
The most difficult thing was to find a good quality frame and sacvoyage’s locks. After a painfully long search, we found a craftsman in Lviv who was able to make frames according to our drawings and from the right metal. These frameworks were ideal.
The locks were even harder, I knew exactly what they should look like, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. As a result, I found them at a factory in USA. This manufactory did not even have a website, but just a pdf-page online. When everything was ready, we started working. The first sacvoyage exceeded all our expectations.


Our goal is to create things that will last for many years. GRIE sacvoyages are small treasures that help women who wear them feel special and strong. The design of our sacvoyage is meaningfully created concisely. We prefer to avoid unnecessary details that our sacvoyages remain relevant from season to season, it must be restrained and classic.
We believe in making durable sacvoyages that inspire and stand the test of time. We guarantee our care about you providing maintenance at all times after you purchase our GRIE sacvoyage.
GRIE values 2


We produce GRIE sacvoyages in a workshop in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Most of our products are handmade leather products. And this is an important thing of any luxurious thing.